Energy Film Improves Window Performance

Energy Film uses nanoparticles embedded in the film to absorb solar energy. The use of nanoparticles allows Energy Film to be spectrally selective. It “selects” visible light wavelengths to pass through and “selects” heat producing infrared wavelengths to block. Embedding the nanoparticles rather than surface coating them reduces reflectivity, thus minimizing the ‘mirrored’ look of other window films.


Heat Gain and Heat Loss

Approximately 60% of the solar energy that strikes a window in summer enters into the home and approximately 25% of a home’s heat loss in winter escapes through the windows.

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Performance- PerformanceCharts

Performance Charts
Energy Film has been extensively tested using a spectrophotometer to determine how well it performs.

Energy Film Glare Control


Product Comparison

Compare the Features and Benefits of both Energy Film and Glare Control.

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How Energy Film Works

Energy Film utilizes nanoparticle technology to block the heat of the sun during summer, reduce heat loss during winter and reject harmful UV radiation.

Film construction diagram

Performance- InfaredTesting

Infrared Testing

Our Film has been tested extensively with infrared cameras to document and test the performance qualities of our film.

Summer Testing Winter Testing